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Adrienne Reiter
May 22, 2018 | Adrienne Reiter

Wine Unconventional

Wine appreciation is considered the height of civilization. Very traditional and tightly controlled by the powers that be, The Man, right? Well, here are four unconventional wine facts we’d like to drop on you.

Women Are Better Wine Tasters - Yes, we live in a man’s world, but because women have a better sense of smell due to our reproductive powers we’re better at wine tasting than men. It’s even been suggested because of this fact and wine’s heavily fragrant fermentation process women might have actually discovered the ‘nectar of the gods’. You’re welcome fellas.

Wine Flavored Kit Kats Are A Thing - Candy addicts who have fallen down the rabbit hole of Japanese Kit Kat flavors know their array of options is massive! However, they also know the wine flavor, next to the green tea option, is the absolute best. It’s literally the most popular flavor in Japan.

Italy Has A Free 24-Hour Wine Fountain - No joke! The fountain really is non-stop flowing twenty-four hours a day, and it’s open to the public. Sounds like the first line of a book titled, Why I Became Italian? Well, it will be. Talk about taking elitism away from wine sipping. Wine for the people! Although, after imbibing with the community we still like to be greeted at home with our own private stores.

Wine Saved Civilization -  It’s never been a popular classroom topic, especially during prohibition times, but wine actually doesn’t kill you. It never did. Quite the opposite! The high alcohol content from fermentation kills bacteria. The first major life savor and health benefit of wine protected entire expanding populations from disease. Once wine was dispersed citizens dying of dysentery, botulism, and cholera were spared after being given wine to shield from the bacteria. Cheers!

We dropped four unconventional facts to share with the world. Hope you picked up what we just layed down. The next time a snotty sommelier hands you men a taste when the woman next to you ordered hand the bottled it back to her, or as a lady, politely ask the gentleman if you can do the taste test as evolution intended. If he acts snide or upset offer him a Kit-Kat.


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