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Adrienne Reiter
June 5, 2018 | Adrienne Reiter

Wine & Comedy. Because, Is There A Better Pairing?

Drinks at comedy clubs are totally the norm, but let’s bump up the fun a notch. How about wine with comedians who are wine connoisseurs and joke about, well, wine?

Wine About It - Meet the red-headed blend known as, Matt Bellassai. Matt whines about everything from, “The Worst Things About Fall” (like pumpkin flavored anything) and “The Worst Things About Facebook” (i.e. peoples posts on how they’d solve problems with North Korea and their degree is in underwater basket weaving). He vlogs all this while enjoying a full bottle of wine. Matt literally drinks it straight to his beautiful ginger dome! His new collaboration with direct consumer wineries for his show, “To Be Honest” also does not disappoint.

The Stand-up Sommelier - Laurie Foster is demystifying wine, one glass at a time! While ripping on her life as a mom in suburban hell, with Foster there are zero formalities when it comes to imbibing. Detailing her life in the wine business with her offbeat hilarious show, “Something to Wine About” Laurie’s New Jersey tone takes wine appreciation to a whole new level. She demystifies wine by incorporating slap-stick audience participation.

A Full On Passion - Daily Show contributor, Lewis Black’s apartment in New York is filled with hundreds of bottles of wine at any given time. Black and his brother, who lived in France for five years, began buying wine by the case from their favorite spots a decade ago. Now the Grammy Award-winning comedian, New York Times best-selling author, and Daily Show contributor educates his audience about what he considers tasting blunders and misnomers versus what one actually should be aware of as a wine connoisseur.

Uncork a bottle, head to your favorite comedy club, or simply tune into the show and sip away. Just be sure to have a safe place to set your glass down before holding onto your sides.



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