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Jenny Lynn
March 28, 2024 | Jenny Lynn

Celebrating Women's Excellence with winemaker and Owner of Cantadora Winery Kira Ballotta and featuring

In honor of Women's History Month, we're thrilled to spotlight Cantadora "The Sage" 2019 Red Blend, a wine that embodies the remarkable achievements and contributions of extraordinary women. This captivating Grenache/Syrah/Viognier blend is a true masterpiece crafted by the incredible Kira Ballotta, the visionary winemaker behind Cantadora Winery and Olivia Brion.

A Rhône-Inspired Gem by a Pioneering Winemaker

"The Sage" pays homage to the iconic Rhône Valley in France, meticulously blended using a co-fermentation technique that layers different varietal combinations, creating a symphony of bright berry notes and elevated spice nuances. This wine is a testament to Kira Ballotta's exceptional talent and her role as a trailblazer in the world of winemaking, having helped Alpha Omega earn their first 100-point score before taking the helm at Cantadora.


Accolades Befitting a Remarkable Wine The accolades speak for themselves

"The Sage" has been showered with praise, including a Double Gold medal and an impressive 95 points from Sunset Magazine, who lauded its "elegant, old-world structure." Cantadora itself has been recognized as the

 Hot Brand of 2023 by Wine Business Monthly, solidifying its place among the industry's elite producers.  Our blind tasting panel at VinFormant rated this wine 96 Points.

[Link to Purchase "The Sage" 2019 Cantadora Red 2019 Blend]

A Celebration of Women's Impact

What truly sets "The Sage" apart is its extraordinary pedigree and the remarkable women behind it all. The grapes are sourced from the iconic Shake Ridge Ranch, founded and planted by viticulture legend Ann Kraemer in Amador County – a site that has been hailed as an iconic California vineyard, sought after by esteemed winemakers like Andy Erickson (Screaming Eagle) and Helen Keplinger (Bryant Family).

Giving Back and Inspiring Change

In a beautiful gesture that reflects the spirit of Women's History Month, a portion of the proceeds from each bottle of "The Sage" is donated to the UC Davis Center for Poverty & Inequality Research, c

o-founded by Marianne Page, an economist and professor whose portrait graces the label. This think tank is dedicated to finding evidence-based solutions to address systemic issues, further amplifying the wine's message of empowerment and positive change.

A Wine That Celebrates Trailblazing Women

"The Sage" is a wine that truly celebrates the excellence of women, from the legendary viticulturist who cultivated the grapes to the visionary winemaker and philanthropist behind the bottle. This Women's History Month, raise a glass to the remarkable achievements of women and the indelible mark they've left on the world of wine and beyond. Join us in honoring women winemakers like Kira Ballotta! Listen to her talk about her winemaking journey here. 🎙️🍇



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